why-am-I-Never-HappySo, why am I never Happy? Yes, I have been there some years ago, I know the feeling.

I think that every one of us is seeking for happiness. Some try to find it in money, others a man or a woman. Still others seek to find happiness in education, or in building a business.

The problem is that even if we become successful in all of these pursuits, for SOME reason, we are STILL unhappy.

Seems Weird, right?

The Background of the Author. Who me? Yes, You.

Welcome to my website which is called Jesus is Still the Answer.Com. As you can tell from the title, I Love Jesus

But it was not always like that. I was raised by my wonderful parents in a small town in Connecticut called Glastonbury.

As a Catholic, I would go to mass almost every Sunday with my Dad. It was very boring for me and my three brothers, but we were forced to go, so we went.

Then when I was about 20 years old, my oldest brother Tom, who was in the Air Force in Arizona wrote me and told me he got saved.

I was like, what? Saved? What’s that? So, he did his very best to explain it to me in a twenty-page letter.

God started dealing with me, and in March of 1980, in my bedroom, I knelt down and told God how sorry I was for my sins.

The Joy of being forgiven of all of my sins was truly amazing, and today, forty years later, I am still full of that Joy!

Suicide is Not The Answer My Dear Friend!

I hope that you have not been considering taking your own life, that is not the answer. Think about how it would hurt your family and friends! why-am-I-Never-Happy

You may think it will give you a relief, but that is not true, it will actually get MUCH WORSE.

Turn to Jesus my good friend, Why not just Give Him a Try? He will forgive you of all of your sins and give you the happiness you are seeking for!  I PROMISE YOU.

Jesus is Still the Answer dear, precious friend!

If you need someone to talk to, you can call me on my cell right now at 573 263 2771.

ANYTIME, I mean that, even if it is 3am. God Loves you, and so do I . Peace. P


  1. Thank you for sharing your views on happiness and for spreading positivity in an often negative world, and for shedding light on some very serious topics. Often times people don’t want to talk about it, when in actuality talking about it may very well lead to prevention. One question I would present is, are certain people born depressed or does depression come from the conditions that we find ourselves in? I’m glad to see that you have found an outlet through God, and if it can help others especially those who are deeply depressed then that is superb. Thanks again for an uplifting post and keep up the good work! 

    • Thanks for your kind words, I was actually quite surprised how many people Google the term,” why am I so unhappy”, so I thought I would try to encourage them.   

      I am not a doctor so I do not know if someone is born with a predisposition to depression, but from my life experiences I think everyone gets sad and depressed to some degree in their lives.

      Its when it lingers on for weeks and months we must seek professional help, and I also suggest some earnest prayer to the Good Lord will help too.  

  2. I think that most people cannot be happy as long as they seek happiness in other things and people. Happiness comes from within. Suicide is indeed not the answer, because you’ll end up hurting the people who love you, you end up leaving behind family and friends, perhaps even children and pets who depend on you. Sometimes people do not realize how much they are truly loved, but it is also a fact that love isn’t always expressed much, and therefore we don’t know how loved we are.

    • Yes Christine, thanks for your observations, they are very good.  Depression often leads to suicide, and I want these wonderful folks to know that there IS a Real SOLUTION to Depression, and it is having a relationship with Jesus.  Jesus promised if we seek Him, we SHALL find him!

      It is such a wonderful Happy Life!!


  3. The one thing that will always matter will be Jesus. I see your caring and generous heart on this post. I encourage you to keep posting. I noticed this in my own life. Only Jesus can bring satisfaction to my life. No women and no money can do that. I always say that anyone can find happiness (it is dependent on your circumstance) but not everyone can have joy. Jesus can bring joy!

    • Yes Michael, You are right, Jesus brings JOY.  I Love John 15.11 These things have I spoken unto you, that my joy might remain in you, and that your joy might be full.

      God WANTS all of us to be happy, but we must seek Him first and get into a relationship with Him.  Glad you found the Joy that is in Jesus.  Stay faithful Michael, and thanks for encouraging me!


  4. Wow this is the kinda posts I really wanna be seeing every day because I got saved through reading a post like this, I was just 20years of age when I met Jesus before then I was a sinner I don’t believe in religions but when Jesus caught me it was in a miraculous way, I love him and will praise his holy name forever more

    • Hi Rose, thanks for the uplifting comment, I am SO GLAD you got Saved!  I was 20 when I got saved too, you can read my testimony on my other blog post.  

  5. Hello Phil;
    after spending ten years of marriage with my partner I was devastated by our separation, the hardest part was managing the children of our union, I went through the worst moments of my existence it was then that a friend took me to a Bible program and the theme was simply “why not try?” I opened my heart this evening and since then it is filled with the presence of the one who gave everything to be our friend: Jesus Christ.

    • So Happy you found the Lord!  Isn’t it wonderful?   I am so Happy for you and I pray that somehow your marriage can be healed.  Your Poor dear children!  May God help them!

      If people only understood that God really wants all people to be happy, they would seek Him until they find Him!


  6. Excellent post, thank you so much for sharing! It is so tough to get out of the rut that is depression. I have been there where I never thought that I would be happy again, fortunately I had very good friends that helped me throughout the process. I will share this with my friends, who knows who could be helped by reading these kind words.

    • Thanks Travis, I am glad you got help!  Yea,  everyone experiences depression at times, but when we cant snap out of it, it is time to get help.  I have found Jesus is a HUGE help for me..


  7. Happiness comes from within you.
    Sometimes people do not realize how much they are truly loved by other people, but it is also a fact that love isn’t always expressed much, and therefore we don’t know how loved we are.
    Suicide is indeed not the answer, you’ll end up hurting the people who love you and that is also a sin which you Committed.
    In the Bible, Jesus said if we seek Him, we SHALL find him!
    God WANTS all of us to be happy, but we must seek Him first and get into a relationship with Him.

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