In my opinion, all of us want to be Loved.

It is a wonderful feeling to be loved. But Where Is Love?

I remember when I was in High School I had been going steady with my girlfriend for around two years.

I even bought her a pre- engagement ring when I was 18.

Then she dropped the bomb on me.

She was seeing someone else! I was devastated. I THOUGHT I had found LOVE!

And I was wrong! I became SO Apathetic after that. I started drinking very heavily, almost every day.

Until the Spring of 1980. That is when my entire life Changed!

Seeking For Love – Everywhere!

As I look back on those days over forty years ago I can see more clearly now.

As the saying goes, and it is true. When you are IN the forest, you cannot see the forest for the trees.

Which means that we are focusing on all the little things in our life that are affecting us, and we focus so much on all these little details that we cannot see the bigger picture.Where-is-love

For me, that bigger picture was the picture I had forgotten to do.

And that was, to look up. There is Love and Hope in the Upward Look.

When we are young we look for excitement and challenge. We want to have fun, and we think fun equates to happiness.

But now when I step back and look over those early years of my life, I realize I was just looking for Love.

Are You Tired in Your Search For Love?

I was not only tired, but I really did not care anymore. After my girlfriend dumped me I just existed.

Day by day, just existing. Until March of 1980 when God put this question into my mind.

“You are careful not to hurt the feelings of others, what about Me? When you sin, it hurts ME”

That thought made me crumble before God onto my knees. I did not want to hurt Gods feelings.

I began to weep, and told God how sorry I was for hurting him.

An overwhelming sense of peace and joy flooded over me, and I was aware that God had forgiven me of all of my sins.

I have never been the same since.

And OH, what a Love I have found!

This song expresses it very well.

OH, What a Love                      Did this help you?  Please leave a comment below!  God bless you!

  1. Very good article. The answer to everything is love and God’s Love is the ultimate. God loves unconditionally and the mistake we make is looking for that love in human beings. That experience so many years ago might have seemed heartbreaking at the time, but it all worked out for your good. You now have a new understanding of God and your relationship to him. Inspiring testimony.

    • Thank You JJ, yes, we do try to find love in people, I did, and found it was not there, not the KIND of Love I was looking for anyway…Gods Love has fulfilled me completely!


  2. This is a very beautiful post written about the Divine and loving Him!  I can tell you are dedicated to your faith, and your love for God shows strongly in this post.  I like how you have effectively shown how you found love, and that it is not always where we seek it, because love, agape’ in Greek, is not a feeling we have, but it is actually the Divine Nature.

  3. Beautiful song! You are so very correct, when we put our faith into other people, we will be let down time after time. However, by putting faith in Jesus we will experience unconditional live with no end. My wife and I have a great relationship, but not because of anything that we can do but rather because we put God first in our relationship. Thank you so much for sharing this, I am sure many people will benefit from reading this. 

    • Thanks Travis, I Love the song as well.  Yes, for me, I have found an everlasting FOUNTAIN of Love in Jesus, it is hard to explain.  but it is real..


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