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So, What is the Mercy of God?

I was praying this morning and as I thanked God for His Great Mercies my mind seemed to flash back decade after decade of ALL the things God has done for me!

He has done so much for me and has been SO good to ME!

The Lyrics of this song speak to me. (Written by the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir)

“When I come into His presence, I humble myself and lift up my hands, and I begin to worship Him.

For all He’s done for me! Redeemed and set me Free! And because, just because He’s God.”

His Mercies on me as a Young Man

When I was 19 years old I entered a five-mile running marathon. To prepare myself I started running many weeks before the event took place.

On one of my practice days I remember running down a steep hill and all of a sudden a sharp pain came into my right thigh. I kept on running thinking it was just a muscle.

That pain never went away, but I continued thinking it was just some muscle pain and just ignored it.

My running pace was about a six-minute mile but it was a very hot and humid august day as the race began. I kept up my six-minute mile pace as I went up and down many hills.

About the four-mile marker I collapsed from heat exhaustion and found myself on someones front lawn passed out. sun

As I lay there it seemed as if I was dying, and I could not feel my body. Then I sensed God coming down and hovering over me and asking me if I had any requests.

I was shocked that God was around me, also there was a small crowd of people who were around me, so I asked the Lord if He could please let me be able to tell these people that you are real.

Immediately I woke up out of my unconsciousness with my body drenched in perspiration. An ambulance had arrived and they helped me into it.

I never went to the hospital, but a few days later I went to the doctor and found out that the reason my leg had been so painful was because my right femur had a stress fracture!

I was running that race with a broken leg!

I never forgot that experience with God that happened over 40 years ago, and it was only around a year later God saved my soul! Finally I was able to tell people about the reality of God!

For about twenty years I never told anyone about this, it seemed too personal, but finally I started telling people what God had done me, preventing me from dying on that hot summer day back in August 1979,

Gods mercies are Great!

So what is the mercy of God? It is His expression of His Great Love to us by helping us and answering our prayers even though we do not deserve it!

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I did get saved in March of 1980 in my bedroom at my home in Glastonbury Connecticut.

I have made many mistakes over the years, even falling flat on my face many times, but God has always extended His hand of mercy to me!

God is so good! I am so unworthy, yet I am blessed, and so are you!

If you would like to know God click on this highlighted text for a detailed explanation.

May God bless you! Please leave any comments below. Thanks!

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