I guess it was sometime around 1980 When I first heard this Song. Jesus is Still The Answer.

Some men try so hard to prove, That God’s not really real

While others say they know for sure, His love you cannot feel

But I know He’s real within my soul, For one day He cleansed and made me whole

And Jesus is still the answer For that longing deep in your soul

Jesus is still the answer, though time and ages roll

Jesus is still the answer, He’s the answer for your soul

And though some may say, That He doesn’t fit, with their philosophy

I know Jesus is still the answer, He’s always been and always will be

Some men say that the things of this world

Have brought them peace of mind

But with the dawn of each new day

New thrills they try to find

But until they meet the Prince of Peace

Can they ever hope to find relief

For Jesus is still the answer

For a world that’s seeking for peace

You can listen to the song if you would like by clicking the link below this text.

Jesus Is Still The Answer

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