About forty years ago I found the Lord and I have never been the same!  Here is my testimony. 

I was raised in a small and quite beautiful town in Connecticut named Glastonbury. As a Roman Catholic I did the thing of going to church on Sunday with my Dad, and as we sat there dad would go to sleep and start snoring.

Then in 1980 at the age of 20 Jesus started to deal with me. He placed this thought into my mind one day,

“You are very careful not to hurt the feelings of other people, well, what about me?. When you sin, you hurt me” That thought broke my heart!

I did NOT want to hurt the God that created me! So in my broken hearted sorrow I fell on my knees in my bedroom and told God I was sorry for hurting Him and wanted to stop.

Forgiveness overtook me and I was aware that Jesus had forgiven me of all my sins! There was such a peace and joy! I also was aware of just how REAL God is! I kept saying in amazement, “God is real!! God is real!!”

I cherish those early days of my Salvation. Yes over the decades I have made many mistakes and had to go back to God and ask him to forgive me. But God has been so kind and merciful to me!

That is why I KNOW Jesus will forgive anyone who comes to him with a broken heart for forgiveness of their sins.

God is so wonderful! I hope you will consider talking to him, he wants very much to hear from YOU! He loves you, and so do I.

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